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                Japan and South Korea Ministry of Commerce of the origin of imports of stainless steel anti-dumping cold-rolled sheet
                發布者:admin  發布時間:2011/3/28 14:55:18  點擊:2806
                Unit】 Ministry of Commerce issued
                Number】 Notice issued No. 11 of 2011

                【Date 2011-04-08

                Ministry of Commerce in April 8, 2006 issued Notice No. 18 of that year, decided to maintain the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Announcement No. 15 of 2000, originating in Japan, South Korea's imports of stainless steel sheet of the anti-dumping measures Implementation period of 5 years.

                October 18, 2010, Ministry of Commerce issued Notice No. 68 ofthe year, the anti-dumping measures will be announced April 8, 2011 termination from the date of the announcement, the domesticindustry, domestic industry or on behalf of natural persons, legal persons or Relevant organizations of the anti-dumping measuresin the 60 days before the date of termination, in writing to the Ministry of Commerce of the final application for review.

                Within the stipulated time given there is no domestic industry or on behalf of domestic industry, the natural persons, legal persons or the organizations application for review, the Ministry of Commercealso decided not to initiate a review of the final survey, from April 8, 2011 onwards, made ​​in Japan and South Korea's imports ofstainless steel sheet anti-dumping measures applicable to the suspension.

                Ministry of Commerce

                April 8, 2011
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