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                Gold + Stainless steel remains High Gold Edition Nokia 8800a
                發布者:admin  發布時間:2011/3/28 14:40:05  點擊:2790
                (Zhongguancun Online mobile phone channel market report) April 7, 2011, Nokia 8800a Gold Edition (licensed) in the business "phone Kyoto City," the latest arrival, the business given the offer for 6800 yuan, and accessories are: a single electric charge,Bluetooth headset, data lines. Nokia 8800a Gold Edition is 18K gold set with a body of high-end luxury cell phone.
                The picture shows the Nokia 8800a Gold Edition
                Gold Edition Nokia 8800a with a candy bar slider design, the fuselage frames are made of a stainless steel to create the next slide and back with a natural leather texture design, highlighting the elegant side of the aircraft, and aircraft fuselage is covered with 18K gold material, quality and luxury self-evident, its equipped with a 2.0-inch OLED display, 240x320 pixel screen resolution fine enough to ensure the degree of built-in 3 million pixel camera, image quality is quite satisfactory.
                The picture shows the Nokia 8800a Gold Edition
                The picture shows the Nokia 8800a Gold Edition
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