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                Zhang Zhuang Creative Park stainless steel cutting processing for noise
                發布者:admin  發布時間:2011/3/28 14:35:09  點擊:2655
                Deputy member of Tianjin Reuters real-time broadcast Cao Yang Yang deputy to the online complaint, he would get up every morning and not hear the harsh cut metal and weld metal frictionsound, always be awakened not say, all day long The noisearound, let him stay at home, but feel very uncomfortable. Deputymember of the Hebei District Urban Management Bureau and comprehensive reflection of law enforcement, the Cao of theproblem has been resolved.
                "I am King Yin Lane District, Hebei District, the residents of abuilding, across the floor, a stainless steel processing shop, a lot of noise, severe disturbance, leading to the summer of nearby residents are afraid to open the window. And, to make the finished product to clutter Placed in the side of the road lane and the peakwill cause a traffic jam. "According to Mr. Cao said that King Yin Lane, are quite popular among many of the residents, but also to the departments concerned over the situation once, but the problem is always at home processing shop Repeatedly that neighbors have comments about this store.

                Deputy member of the responses received, Hebei District, said the integrated law enforcement, the Council attaches great importance to the leadership, and immediately instructed theregional brigade area across the street to the King Yin Lane,disturbing and 占道 processing point to clean up the problems and solutions.

                Currently, the stainless steel processing point is no longerprocessed in the act of the roadside. However, because the shopis indeed a lack of operating conditions, accounting for road have occurred from time processing. 
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