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                Welcome to Wuxi Wansheng Stainless Steel Chain Factory

                Tel:0510-88757923 Email:sales@wxwslt.com 中文

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                Wuxi just held and does not become rusty the roller chain factory: It is a new developing roller chain manufacturing enterprise of a fire power full of vitality , is standard roller chain and various kinds of professional manufacturers of special heterotypic roller chain of request. The factory has superior equipment , ripe and advanced craft and huge technical force team , she is the market respond with a swift one, the flexible type of operation of modern production, fine and thoughtful after-sale service, has gained travelling traders' favor .

                Wuxi ten thousand city is it become rusty roller chain factory foundation of quality certification system inject strong delayed effect into enterprise's production and management just to hold, the whole factory worker follow policy on " a thousand ring ten thousand ring , quality has priority " work actively, enterprises demonstrate a scene of more and more prosperous scenes . We believe firmly , the foundation that has yesterday , have steady and sure efforts of today, Wuxi ten thousand city is it become rusty roller chain will be more beautiful in tomorrow in factory just to hold.

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